Morning View Mennonite Church

March 8, 2015

10116 Morning View Road
Singers Glen, VA 22850
Phone No. 833-6515

Pastors: Ric Gullman & Raleigh Rhodes
Deacon: Philip Borntrager
Assistant Deacon: Steve Slabaugh
Sunday School Superintendents: Casey Cantrell & Matthew Rhodes

Attendance last Sunday: 80
Offering last Sunday morning: $1,165

Total given to meat canner: $1,465

Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.
Young Adult: 1 Timothy 4
Adult: When Is The Word Heard? (Matthew 13)

Worship Service: 10:20 a.m.
Sermon: Restore Us, O God, by Raleigh Rhodes
Scripture: Psalm 80


This Evening – 7 pm Program by Bethel Mennonite church

Tuesday – 7 pm Church council meeting at the church

Wednesday – 7:00pm Prayer & Bible study

Thursday – WMSC

March 22 – 5:30 pm. “Loaves and fishes meal”; a time of fellowship before communion. Please pack a sack meal which will be exchanged with someone of the same gender. Include a card of blessing and your name. Let Evelyn Borntrager know if you have any special dietary needs or questions. Drinks will be provided.

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