Morning View Mennonite Church

August 3, 2014

10116 Morning View Road
Singers Glen, VA 22850
Phone No. 833-6515

Pastors: Ric Gullman & Raleigh Rhodes
Deacon: Philip Borntrager
Assistant Deacon: Steve Slabaugh
Sunday School Superintendents: Casey Cantrell & Matthew Rhodes

Vol. XXVI August 3, 2014 No. 31

Attendance last Sunday: 77

Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.

Adult: Living In the Light of the Lordís Return (I Thess. 4)

Worship Service: 10:30 a.m.
Bethel Mennonite Church
Sermon: The Gospel of Jesus Christ: Provided, Preached and Performed (Romans 10), by Raleigh Rhodes


Wednesday - 7 p.m. Prayer and Bible study. We are studying the lives of Abraham and Sarah.

The total amount raised for Heather Gullman was $3,845. This includes the pancake supper fundraiser and designated offering gifts.

August 5th will be an all-day fundraiser at Dairy Queen (S. Carlton St.) for our co-worker who is battling leukemia. A percentage of sales that day will be donated to help raise money for medical expenses and transportation cost for her family traveling back and forth to Charlottesville. Any additional donations can be brought by the Dairy Queen and will given to her family. -Ian Alexander

Aug 10 - Following the morning service we are planning a carry in fellowship meal with an international theme. Feel free to bring any kind of international food or regular Morning View food! Drinks and table service will be provided.

Aug 10 - Following the fellowship meal the Anabaptist Scholarship Foundation here in Virginia will be presenting update information on its work. The foundation was established to provide assistance to families to send children to private schools, for private schools to maintain and build enrollment and for donors to receive tax benefits. Todd Glen, Vernon Graber and Raleigh serve on the board of ASF. Everyone is invited to attend this information meeting. This meeting will explain how the program works, provide forms and applications, and guide you through the application processes if needed.

Aug 10 - 7 pm. Outdoor hymn sing

Aug 24 - 7 pm. Evening of Prayer

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