Morning View Mennonite Church

December 4, 2016

10116 Morning View Road
Singers Glen, VA 22850
Phone No. 833-6515

Pastors: Ric Gullman & Raleigh Rhodes
Deacons: Philip Borntrager & Steve Slabaugh
Sunday School Superintendents: Marcus Histand & Dave Pence

Attendance last Sunday:
Offering last Sunday morning:

Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.

Men/Women’s Adult: The Results of Obedience (Lev. 26)
Mixed Adult: Romans 11

Worship Service: 10:20 a.m.

Sermon: Counter Culture Contentment, Ric Gullman
Scripture: Phil. 4:10-13; I Tim. 6:6-12; Heb. 13:5-6


Wednesday – Prayer Meeting & Bible Study. We will begin studying the book Love Into Light by Peter Hubbard.

Dec 8 – 9:30am Ladies Sewing Circle. Please bring 3 dozen cookies. We will be making Christmas cookie plates.

Dec 8 – 6:00am Youth Activity – Baking and packaging Christmas cookies for Caroling. Every family please bring a batch of cookie dough or baked cookies ready to decorate or package. Also, bring a cookie sheet. If your kind of cookies need to be decorated, bring supplies for that.

Dec 18 – Christmas Program

Dec 21 – Christmas Caroling

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